I started my professional career in 1981 as a software engineer, at a time when this was a very new profession. I was fascinated by the innovative nature of computers and thought that this must be the future – and it was. For years, I worked for a big market research company, IHA-GfM (operating today as GFK, first as a Software developer, later as a team leader. In those years, I got married and gave birth to 2 sons (in 1987 and 1989) and managed to juggle a career, being a mother, and a partner to my husband. 1996 I became Vice-Director of ATAG Ernst & Young Marketing-Services and lead their Development and Support Teams. 2 years later I got the opportunity to join the new joint venture IHA-IMS Health GmbH as the Director of Software Development and Datasource. When in 2002 IMS Health acquired IHA-IMS Health GmbH and integrated it into their global structure, I became part of the leadership team at their Swiss office and was Director of Software Development, Datasource and Production until 2007. In 2007 I finished my “Master of Business Administration” education at University of Liverpool with a Master Thesis on “Leadership Assessment and Development Process (LADP) at IMS Health”. In 2008 I got promoted into the European Management of IMS Health ( and was, as Director of Client-Service, responsible for the European Client Service in 15 countries. I loved to work with people from all the different countries and during this time I learnt a lot about cultural differences, which made me think that we are probably not aware enough, how much we get shaped by the life conditions we are living in.

2008 was a turnaround year in many ways: I got divorced after 25 years of marriage and in the same year I met my spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen, who had and still has a big influence on my inner development and the way I see the world. Through meeting him I started to meditate regularly, an hour first thing in the morning, and became more aware of the importance of continuous personal growth and development. His philosophy “Evolutionary Enlightenment” ignited a deeper understanding within me, that we are creating our world and how important it is that we are fully aware of this, and have clarity about our moral, ethical, ecological and social values. I started to get interested in Integral Theory (Ken Wilber) and Spiral Dynamics (Don Beck) and in doing so I felt more and more uncomfortable with the short-term leadership style of the US Company I was working for. In 2009 I found a new job opportunity as CEO of Mobility International and CIO of Mobility Cooperation (, the pioneering Car-sharing company in Switzerland. Four years later, after having successfully developed and implemented with a great team, a whole new Software-System at Mobility, I moved on to SwissEnergy (, where I led, as the CEO, a program at the Swiss Federal Office of Energy which promotes Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Since 1st January, 2017 I am an independent, self-employed Consultant inspired to bring my practical experience as a manager and business-leader to interested clients. My main focus of interest is the question: What makes a great leader, who has the capacity to help solve the small and big challenges of our ever more complex world? The leadership framework that I have developed is heavily influenced by Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics and my own experience as a pragmatic, empowering and authentic leader. “Second Tier Leadership” is not only relevant for managers, “Second Tier Leadership” is more like a “life-practice” for everyone who consciously wants to dedicate their life to continuous development, growth and an ever deeper integration of all aspects of life.

I speak about Second Tier Leadership at public conferences, I moderate Workshops for middle and C-level management and I help solve concrete management and project-management challenges by analyzing the situation and developing fast and pragmatic solutions.